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Canoe House Foodtruck

Canoe House Foodtruck


Sandra Hudson has a dream. She wants to see the University of Iowa’s WPA-era Canoe House brought back to life as a bridge between the University and Iowa City.


Sandra came to Gunning Labs looking for a fun way to promote the venue for meetings, theatre, VIP receptions, and rental by the community. The hardest part was planning the building’s food service while anticipating further floods, protecting the substantial investment in equipment.. The kitchen, it seemed, needed to be able to move quickly…


Clad in a skin built from photos of the actual Canoe House, The Canoe House Cafe is a mobile gourmet kitchen on a mission. Its primary function is to provide mobile food service and promotion for the Canoe House. Secondarily, the truck is available to chefs in Iowa City looking to try out their ideas. It is a rolling laboratory and promotion event all by itself. The idea gives new chefs and budding restaurants a platform from which to roll out their culinary conquests while helping to spread the word on this unique location for events in Iowa City.


We provided the Hudsons with some fun paper models to use as promotional hand-outs and as conversation starters to help rally troops and build the idea in the Iowa City community. We even included a few variations on the design, with an “Icebox” version that resembled a 50’s fridge covered in kid’s art, pushing the “cute factor” as the draw.

We also cooked up a detailed Photoshop model to further their initiative, showing exactly how the truck might look in use. At this time, however, the University isn’t biting, which is too bad…it sounded tasty to us.


About Client

John and Sandra Hudson are geniune "citizens of the corridor" residing in Iowa City, Iowa. After retiring the two began an extensive national search and statistical analysis, to assess which community they would most enjoy and could impact greatest. The Hudson's moved from Boston to Iowa City, and have been making waves in the art, culture, and social scenes ever since. Incredibly creative, gregarious, and disciplined, the Hudsons continue to drive collaboration and conversation wherever they go, simply by showing up.

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Graphic Design