I pulled the trigger on our renaming and the launch of our new website just last night. Whahoo, hooray, and all that.


It’s an auspicious time for rebirth around here. You see, I’m turning 42 on Sunday, and as any true geek knows, 42 is a very important number. I also managed to put this important date just after Halloween, the most magnificent holiday, ever, and it’s at the start of Winter, which is my own personal time to thrive. But perhaps I should explain this post’s title a little…


I was at the barber a few days back (whose name is Dominique, by the way) and she said, “Cutting your hair is tough. If I layer it like I want to all the grey shows, since just under the surface you’re completely white.” I’m WHAT?!


I guess it comes as no surprise, my dad was all silver by 45, so sure, bring it. The comment got me to thinking, tho. My dad’s a habitual tinker and a woodworker by nature, and a retired Commodity Broker. He’s part artist, part wizard and part grand-strategist. My mom’s a bit of a cartoonist in denial, an amazing seamstress and gifted pianist too. Both are “do-it-your-danged-self” farm kids to boot.


Is it any surprise I’ve turned out this way?


So this year for Halloween Sarah and I went out as the Steampunk characters we truly are at our roots.  Sarah as the trusty navigator, and me as a roguish salute to Tony Stark circa 1875. Proof that my clockwork heart is ticking loud and clear.


So now we’re ramping up our first Kickstarter project with Tom & Trina Bourke of The Wausau Collaboration Center for a launch this Spring! That’s pretty exciting and should prove to be a catalyst for some WAUSOME action in 2013. We’re quietly imagineering our own line of cheezy crisps (not even kidding) and we’re in early stages of animation testing for our first video game with Psychic Software, too.


So yeah, we’re back, we’re real, and we’re building some amazing stuff in the Lab. Get your lab coat and goggles and come on in, it’s crazy fun in here!