Here’s to finding fertile ground in Wausau, Wisconsin! Wausau, where the idea of using spontaneous generation to find creative solutions to the seemingly impossible…seems pretty reasonable. Announcing Gunning Labs in Wausau, a creative communications and design studio that blends the technical with the organic to design bright ideas daily.


So what exactly IS Spontaneous Generation?


Aristotle once explained the existence of insects and other microscopic creatures as being the result of really hot “frothy bubble”. Of course, he didn’t have a microscope back then, so how was he to know that the idea of Spontaneous Generation was, um, totally crazy? Even so, we admire his verve.


Crazy has its purposes, however. There’s nothing wrong with crazy when you’re trying to make something new. Some kinds of crazy are just so nutters that they just might work, and here at the Lab we embrace that kind of crazy.


Our 2012 self-promo poster considers the highly unlikely idea of solving the world’s energy problems with self-replicating wind turbines bred from plants. Nutty, sure, but it makes a really cool image, and it’s a fun idea to contemplate while watching the propeller seeds from our maple trees drift in the wind.


And really, is it THAT much crazier than this?


“Animals and plants come into being in earth and in liquid because there is water in earth, and air in water, and in all air is vital heat so that in a sense all things are full of soul. Therefore living things form quickly whenever this air and vital heat are enclosed in anything. When they are so enclosed, the corporeal liquids being heated, there arises as it were a frothy bubble.” — Aristotle


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