In late July we launched in its new and improved form. It is the collaborative design work of Nine Light Labs, Cramer Dev, and Design Engineers. Take a look, and come back for a few thoughts. I’ll wait.

I managed the content, choosing photos and words to describe the firm as simply and creatively as possible. Cramer cooked up the page design and structure, and handled all the little technical bits. You know, the small stuff like Search Engine Optimization, moving the site to a new server, changing the website address, securing the new URL, testing testing testing, and all the aspects of web development that are invisible and crucial to good design. (Not small)

What Cramer Dev does best is exactly like what Design Engineers does for buildings. Of course, as the writer, I’m probably the only one who finds this ironic and groovy, but that’s my job sometimes.

There’s a LOT of awesome in here, but the one I dig most is how DE can update it. This site is 100% built on the Word Press backend with standard Plugins. That’s awesome. It means DE will be able to easily add, edit, and grow their website without needing any additional vendors. As it should be.

So GRATZ to one of my favorite clients for their new website. Thanks for your vision, your insightful feedback, and your determination. It shows.